Slice by slice conversion

Image3Dconversion caters high quality 3D conversion services using advance segmentation software.In many cases CBCT image processing is helpful while metal restoration and large amount of scatter presents in the CT scan.Hence,to determine the proper osteotomy for implant restoration, CBCT of patient scan is quite compulsory.It makes more easier for a dental practitioner to visualize patient anatomy in preferred manner and in 3-dimensional mode.






In-Detail Quality

In digital dentistry, STL data has been having vital impact. STL refers to stereo-lithography model is prepared to use in fabricating or rapid-prototyping process.Our team of CBCT image processing can segment and convert the dicom data to STL format to allow dentist to envision the anatomical model of patient in the third party software. We reconstruct 3D model of the patient anatomy cleaning all the presented scatter raised from metal restoration in CBCT and prepare them in STL format to further use for dentist or dental lab.




Conversion for Bone Support-Bone Reduction Guide

Segmentation of CBCT image which generally, we say CBCT conversion procedure is also essential procedure to make an Implant surgical guide for bone supported and bone reduction.Our group of specialists facilitates this administration to create an accurate and precise surgical guide from the converted 3D anatomy.Virtual Extraction of teeth and bone are separately segmented with virtual nerve drawing which also helps dentist to exhibit the case near patient before surgery.




In Time Delivery

Conversion of CT scan data is delivered within 24 hours or prior on request. You don’t need to wait for long time and sending reminders. Your request would be at your mail box within 24 hours.


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3D Conversion

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