Image3dconversion has a panel of board certified Oral & Maxillofacil Radiologists who can evaluate the DICOM data & CBCT scan and generate a comprehensive report based on the specific images covering the areas of interest and pathology. The team of experts will be available to discuss their evaluations and findings should you have query over phone and email.

The DICOM data or the CBCT scan can be sent to us via our secured FTP server, upon receiving the data one of our maxillofacial radiologists will review and evaluate it thoroughly. Upon completion we will notify the referring doctor’s regarding the location or source from where the report can be downloaded for their use. The usual turnaround time to deliver a report is 48-hour, however in case of urgent case we can ensure to submit the report within 24 hours of upload. Report can be delivery directly to referring doctor’s website space or email address for fast and easy reference.

Our comprehensive will include images and a detailed illustration with precise measurements and captions to highlight the requested areas of interest or any major pathological findings. We also capture the screenshots in the radiology report for compass reading and quick review of the images which saves your valuable treatment and planning time. You can order your radiology reports by sending in your DICOM files at – is a secure file transfer network.

In addition to the general reviews you can request for the following in our radiology reports:

tooth-cionImplant Site Evaluation –The report comprises of cross areas (3d), and surrounding projections utilizing a Cone Beam scanner. Sweep could be of an individual zone or the entire mandible or maxilla curve. Demonstrative insert photographs and a 3-D rendering are likewise included.

tooth-cionSinus Evaluation – The paranasal sinuses will be assessed and a report particular to the paranasal sinuses and the osteomeatal complex will be given notwithstanding the general radiology report with screenshots demonstrating the zone of investment/concern.

tooth-cionTMJ (temporomandibular joints) Evaluation– The report will include a complete assessment of the TMJs including parallel cephalometric, surrounding and front back perspectives of the maxillofacial unpredictable notwithstanding the pivotal, sagittal and coronal cross areas of the TMJs.

tooth-cionImpaction and supernumerary teeth – The report will incorporate the diverse anatomical structure and picture model encompassing these territories. Screenshots will likewise be given demonstrating the area of impaction in the pivotal, coronal and sagittal planes in the report.

tooth-cionPathology Rule Out – The radiology report will incorporate a definite picture displaying to demonstrate the range or pathology of concern, if there is any.


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