At Image3dconversion, we provide a state-of-the-art dentistry, offering a varied range of services with a combination of the highest quality, latest technology, and expertise. Our highly professional and technically experienced team has a very profound knowledge and in hand working experience on various software handling and CT Image Conversion for Dental Implant procedure.

The quality of our 3D Conversion provided will enhance the dentist’s confidence that the Dental Implant Plan that needs to carry will be a practical solution to both aesthetic and clinical treatment.

Our service does not restrict at just providing 3D Conversions rather goes much beyond it to provide Dicom to Simplant, Model Matching and progressive guidance on Implant treatments and Dental Implants care, treatment planning and radiological report generation. We offer a very cost effective service and within a time frame of 24 hours, so that the treatment can be started within a short span of time and the wait for a precise treatment plan is substantially narrowed . Our team will use sound scientific methods and artistic abilities to achieve your dental goals.

CT Image conversion

Most radiographic images produce a 2D structure that enables the medical professionals to determine the location where the implants can be placed.  However, in many cases an absolute bone quantity is not determined until the bone is exposed during surgery.  This leads to an inadequate placement of the implants or may result in failure or restoration that cannot be completed properly.

In order to come over this complication, 3-D visualizations of the images coupled with the appropriate software allow implants to be placed with the highest level of precision. In addition, the surgical procedures based on computer generated 3D models helps in the  accomplished of more conservative procedure which involves greatly reduced discomfort, less treatment time and a more accurate final outcome.

CBCT/CT scan data can be easily imported to third party software’s to view the anatomy in 3D.  The scanned data can be uploaded to 3D imaging software where virtual models of the jaw bones and teeth are rendered on the computer screen and a precise implant treatment plan can be developed and accurate surgical guides can be fabricated for surgery. Therefore a practical implant surgery is completed virtually without the patient being coming to the clinic over and again. This actually saves the precious time of the dental surgeon and the recovery time after the surgery is narrowed to a greater margin.

We specialize in processing CT images for pre-surgical planning. Our primary business is to provide multi-planar reformats and 3-D views for dentists and surgeons planning pre-operatively the placement of dental implants in the maxilla or mandible. Our conversion also includes drawing the panoramic curve and mapping the inferior alveolar nerve, Segmentations of teeth and bone for Dual Arch without single holes, Conversions of pathology, impaction, supernumerary and sinus cases, Registration of dual scan images, TMJ conversion, Matching models using STL files etc.

Image3dconversion make use of the latest software like SimPlant, Blue Sky Bio and many others to create exceptional 3D models from cone beam CT data as part of the Conversion Process. We have solid experience in working with the data sets from all the leading CBCT manufacturers.  We are in the business of working with CBCT data in SimPlant and Blue Sky Bio since 5 years now. The quantity of our 3D conversion is best in class and has helped dental professional around the globe in planning a very precise implant positioning. Our experts at Image3dconversion ensure that you get your case within 24 hours of upload with no scope of any error. The best part- the price you pay for the conversion is way lower than what our industry charge as well.



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