I3DC™ DRILL GUIDE is a custom designed guide based on any Implant kit available with the dental surgeon and can be utilized for most of the Implant system .The surgical guide is designed on the basis of drill kit so that dentist doesn’t require to change or go for new drill kit based on surgical guide .

I3DC Guide™ can also be used for Noble biocare, Biohorizon, Adin or any other dental implant system available in market.


Maintaining accuracy and precision are the key points for a successful Computer Guided Implant Surgery for both in planning and processing. I3DC Guide™ is manufactured with clearly visible and transparent material with very precised manner by our experienced professionals . Seating of the surgical guide is verified and fabricated with the approval of concerned practitioner.   



I3DC Guide™ is available in Tooth, Bone and Mucosa Supported. CBCT DICOM with the scan of Stone model or impression is required to process for tooth and mucosa supported guide.  



We offer priority shipping without any extra cost which usually takes 3-4 business days after fabrication of surgical guides and placing tubes. Moreover, we always keep other available options for next day express delivery.



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