Image3dconversion has been the offshore business partner for global dental professional in providing combined service of CT image conversion and Implant Treatment planning…


Avoid spending time near workstation

Do you need to plan your patient treatment, stop spending your quality time near computer? Allow our experts to plan implants for you on the desired location. Image3dconversion expert team have been working hands on hands on implant planning since many years with experienced doctors.


Get your surgery accurate

Plan your implant with more precisely and accurately without raising any error and get the accurate results in your surgery. Every single planning has not been delivered without the approval of experienced doctor. Implant would be placed according to the provided information.


Free consultation and Review

We provide free consultation and review with our experts in implant planning before finalising the results. You can consult with our team or experts, just calling at our US Toll free number or emailing us for the special request. We go step by step with you until the cases are approved.


Compatible Implant Library

No need to worry about the implant company . Blueskybio software already have the library with compatible implant or rest you can customise your own implant . Share us your desired implants to be placed on the edentulous site , our specialist would place the same one behalf of you.


Get in touch with our implant planner


Implant Planning

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